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Wowing our clients means surpassing expectations. Our business-to-business campaigns are immediate, widespread, and produce tangible results. Achieving consistent growth at 100% ROI has quickly earned CLA Global Inc a reputation as the best. With increasing demand for our services, we are growing in leaps and bounds.

CLA GLobal Inc is typically outsourced by large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients are those who have a need to quickly launch a marketing campaign on a large scale, for a defined market. There’s a saying in marketing, “If you don’t know who your target market is, use mass media…If you do know who your target market is, go direct.” We are currently working with some of the largest mobility companies in the United States.

Hiring and training staff for short-term or side projects can be very expensive. Eliminate additional human resources expenses by outsourcing to a team that’s ready to go.
We have the resources to start your project immediately. Our staff is trained and ready to go! Handling the same project in-house could take weeks or months to hire the right people.
Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Don’t let your direct marketing be one of them. We will assume and manage the risk for you, giving you total peace of mind.
Outsourcing will help your business shift its focus from side projects to work that directly serves your customers. Let us do what we do best, while you do what you do best!
Companies that do everything themselves have much higher operating expenses, all of which must be passed on to their customers. Let us tackle some of your workloads.
Marketing campaigns involve a heavy cultural element. Don’t risk making a cultural or financial mistake. We know our own backyard.

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LA Global Inc specializes in customer acquisition and long-term retention. Fortune 500 companies hire us to execute innovative marketing campaigns to reach customers who have been unresponsive to traditional forms of advertising. Our marketing approach provides a consistent and dependable method of increasing revenue for large and small companies alike. Rather than billboards, commercials, and internet advertisements, we rely on good old-fashioned relationship-building. Through face-to-face conversations and customized presentations, we are able to create an experience that is refreshing for the customer and profitable for our client. An in-person approach allows us to assess the customer’s individual needs and eliminate the unnecessary marketing fluff that they’re accustomed to. We are able to answer questions, provide live customer service, and ultimately make the customer feel valued. The genuine bond built between our team members and each customer leads to positive word of mouth and unparalleled brand loyalty, the two marks of a successful marketing campaign.



e attribute our success to our entrepreneurial-minded team. CLA Global Inc is proud of its unique organizational structure in which each employee is given the opportunity to participate in a Management Training Program. Through this hands-on business training, our team members are able to earn promotions each time a specific skill set is mastered. This merit-based advancement structure provides the incentive for each employee to perform at his or her highest level. This, in turn, produces nothing but the best for our clients. CLA Global Inc vows to provide valuable business consulting with the goal of increasing efficiency and lowering overhead. We plan to expand our client into two new markets this year, as we continue to grow exponentially in each future year while. Our new offices will be run by individuals who have started at CLA Global Inc in the entry level and have earned management positions because of their hard work and mastery of the business. We couldn’t be more excited about the future and look forward to the continued growth and success of our company!

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CLA Global Inc’s “Why”


To develop an organization of successful marketing firms led by motivated and focused managers who have earned their promotions through a merit-based structure.


To provide an opportunity for growth and financial independence based on a well-designed marketing approach, diligent leadership, and a commitment to the highest of standards.


To create the necessity for our clients’ services and products by building genuine relationships with their customers and eliminating media clutter.

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Our team at CLA Global Inc consists of highly motivated and energetic professionals with great character and the highest level of integrity. We come from a variety of backgrounds, degrees, and cities across North America. Each employee is thoroughly trained on the ins and outs of our marketing campaigns. Our fun work environment promotes both personal and professional growth!
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Luis Arredondo
Management Team
Mariia Tabachnyk
Assistant Manager
Julian Zambrano
HR Manager
Brianna Brommage
Leadership Team
Ali Pordos
Leadership Team
Griffin Falvey
Leadership Team
Michaela Giordano
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What They Say About Us

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C. England

The team at CLA Global Inc is next to none. They are professional, responsive, engaged, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I see this team going very far and delivering an invaluable service to their clients.

Why Start a career at CLA Global Inc?

People work here to accomplish one of two goals:

To build an impressive resume
Positions at CLA Global Inc are the ultimate resume builders. We think of our Management Training Program as a “hands-on MBA”. Participants come away with substantial knowledge in areas such as team leadership, business management, sales, marketing, interviewing, human resources, public speaking, campaign management, and finance—just to name a few. Using their experience with us as a springboard, former employees typically advance to the top of their respective industries.
To advance into an executive-level position
A strong performer has the ability to begin in the entry-level, take advantage of our thorough training, and earn promotions into progressively bigger roles. He or she will ultimately have the opportunity to run a new office representing a Fortune 500 client. For the entrepreneurial-minded leader, this route is a great way to climb great heights very quickly.

In a career at CLA GLobal Inc, you will find…

Professional Training
Perfect for a recent college graduate or career beginner, we offer an excellent training program.
Personal Mentor-ship
Form close connections with an accomplished leadership team dedicated to your personal success.
Travel Opportunities
Love to travel? Top performers get to travel nationally and internationally all the time!
Philanthropy Events
CLA Global Inc values giving back. We raise money and volunteer on a regular basis.

Open Positions

Join our Award-Winning Team!

Mgmt. Trainee
Are you looking to get into the business industry but avoid being a lifetime sales and marketing rep? Good news! CLA GLobal Inc offers an amazing training program that focuses on both marketing/sales AND team leadership!
Marketing & Sales
CLA Global Inc is looking to hire marketing and sales professionals. No full-time experience necessary because the CLA Global Inc team provides full training! The Entry Level Marketing / Sales position is full-time Monday through Friday.
The CLA Global Inc internship is a 12-week program dedicated to helping college students succeed in the marketing world. This is a paid internship that may also be used towards college credit, depending on your university’s requirements.

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